Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RISD/CE: Children’s Book Illustration Certificate  (Updated 2013)
Information And Guidelines A final portfolio review of each certificate candidate’s work is required for completion of the program. A candidate whose portfolio is below standards may be required to supplement skills or repeat a course before receiving a certificate. Guidelines for preparing the final portfolio are listed below. Your portfolio should present your best work, demonstrate skills and knowledge learned from the course work in your certificate program, and display your personal direction. Please come prepared to discuss what more you might do before you show your portfolio to a Children’s Book publisher.

Type of portfolio You will be required to show TWO portfolios.
A presentation book, with vinyl or acetate pages is preferred for both. It helps the presentation to flow smoothly, as if reading a book, and hides the back of the artwork. It also helps to prevent pages from being misplaced or damaged. Please do not include any unused pages.

Portfolio #1
Size: 8.5”X11”
No larger than 10”X12”
Should be color reproductions of the original pieces, appropriate for drop-off.

Bring to Critique:
Portfolio #2

Size: No larger than 11”X17”
Should be appropriate for personal presentation, with the actual originals (if possible, and quality reproductions, if needed).

(A laptop presentation is also a viable alternative.)
Work to be Presented: The portfolio is a showcase of what you have learned in the certificate program. You may show a variety of media and include different styles to fulfill criteria, but understand that a professional portfolio would have limited styles, clearly separated. The work should reflect your knowledge and skills.  Your portfolio should be a showcase for the best examples of your work.   


Three images with same character taken thru sequential action. Counts as one piece.

At least one piece with anthropomorphic animal character

At least one piece integrating text with art

At least two pieces with children of different ethnic background different from your own

  Promotional postcard


Business card/ resume/ online presence

  Storyboard or Dummy (place in sleeve or pocket at the back of the portfolio)

Structural Suggestions
• Start with a strong piece to pull the viewer in, and end with a memorable piece.
• Make sure to get excellent quality color copies. Check them against your originals to make sure color is as accurate as possible.
  Work should reflect your knowledge and skills. Be sure to include pieces that demonstrate techniques and subject matter that you’re interested in.
• Try to arrange horizontals and verticals in groups so that the viewer does not need to turn the book frequently. It is acceptable to divide double page spreads across two pages to present art in a larger format and reduce directional changes.
• All work should be labeled (unobtrusively) Include your name and the medium/media you used on a label visible to reviewers (Title is optional). Put your name and contact information on the back of each piece(not on the live art).

Drop off Portfolio  We ask that you leave your drop-off portfolio (Portfolio #1with the photocopied work) at the CE office one week prior to the scheduled Portfolio review date detailed in a letter. Please do not leave original work. The second Portfolio with the originals should be brought to the final review.